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ThinkFun Cold Case: End of the Line

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Two murders plague Pauvigny, France. On a dark night in 1961, Leonce Junot’s body was found after a jewelery heist gone awry and the suspect, Henri Valentine, was arrested and convicted. Two decades later, Henri Valentine was released only to have his body discovered in the morning at the same railway he was apprehended. The whispers around town confuse the situation and only you can solve both cold cases and figure out who the true murderer is. Packed with realistic documents pertaining to the crime, use your best investigative skills to crack the case. Great to solve solo or with a small group of friends, Cold Case End of the Line has twists and turns for hours of exciting play.

Cold Case: End of the Line is the exciting 4th addition to the Cold Case Series.
Solve two murders, decades apart involving a small town using deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and logic.
A new night of mystery and intrigue as players assemble the clues to figure out who did it.
Think you've found the answer? Check your solutions online to see if you identified the right person.
Play alone or with a group of fellow detectives and prove that no case is unsolvable. Perfect for a date night!

Players: 1-4
Ages 14+