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Ravensburger - Sherlock Holmes Scotland Yard

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Ravensburger's Sherlock Holmes Scotland Yard is a thrilling board game that is perfect for fans of mystery and deduction. The game is set in Victorian London, and players take on the roles of detectives working together to solve the case of a missing person. One player takes on the role of Mr. X, the suspect, and moves around the board while the other players work to track them down.

The game features a unique gameplay mechanic, where Mr. X's movements are hidden from the other players, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game. With multiple modes of play and adjustable difficulty levels, Sherlock Holmes Scotland Yard is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. The high-quality components and attention to detail that Ravensburger is known for ensure that this game will be a favorite for years to come.